Sean Hellman
Woodwright, Artist and Craftsman
Fan bird carving - 26th  Oct 2019

Fan bird carving - 26th Oct 2019

Fan bird carving 26th Oct 2019

This 1 day workshop will teach you everything you need to know about how to get started carving fan birds. Fanbirds are a European tradition, not really known of in the UK. They are intriguing wooden carvings made by splitting out thin feathers and interlocking them together in a fan shape. They may look complicated time and consuming to make. Once the different techniques involved in making them are understood and practiced, they are relatively quick and very satisfying to make. This is a beginners class although some woodworking experience will help you progress faster. Students will make between 2 and 3 birds during the day to take home. Sean will discuss the folklore and traditions associated with fanbirds. All materials and tools will be supplied. This workshop is suitable for those who have never made a fanbird before, or even used whittling tools and those who have made birds and wish to improved their technique and designs. You will learn • How to use the tools involved safely. • How to select and prepare the wood using a saw and axe. • How to split the wood to make all the feathers, using a small pushknife • How to shape and carve the birds body with a knife saw and or axe. • How to construct the bird by interlocking the feathers and what to do if some of them fall or get broken out. • How to hang the bird using a small pin and fishing line so that you can hang it up at home. • What you need to make more at home.


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£70.00 Deposit of £20.00 is required 30 days in advanced of the course start date.

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