Sean Hellman
Woodwright, Artist and Craftsman
Spoon Carving 16th Sept 2018

Spoon Carving 16th Sept 2018

Spoon Carving 16th Sept 2018

This course is held at The Husbandry School near Ashburton

Please book through The Husbandry School website

This is a beginners class, no experience in using wood, knives and axes is necessary. If you have some experience then this will help you progress faster.

We use spoons every day and usually give them little thought. I think they are wonderful examples of 3d design and art meeting function, with their almost infinite variety of shapes and form. People have carved wooden spoons since we began working wood, a tradition that is still alive today with more and more people taking up this practical and rewarding pastime. 

Spoons come in all shapes and sizes: eating, serving, cooking, sculptural, and love-spoons. This workshop will concentrate on spoons for eating with, and smaller serving spoons. Depending on your ability, you will take home at least one spoon and the techniques used in making, so you can continue making spoons at home. Spoon carving tools will be on sale at the workshop.

You will learn:
• How to use an axe and knife safely. Step by step tuition is given in each axe and knife technique.
• What wood to use and what part of the tree to use.
• How to shape the billet of wood using an axe.
• How to refine and finish the roughed out blank using a range of knives.
• Cutting out the bowl of the spoon using curved spoon knifes. You be able to try out various spoon knives and other tools for hollowing the bowl.
• How to finish the spoon: a cut finish verseus a sanded finish, and what to oil your spoon with.
• You will be able to try out various commercially available knives and axes.
• We will also talk about and practise how to keep your knife sharp. 
• You will also be able to take home at least one billet of wood to continue making spoons.



£60.00 Deposit of £0.00 is required 30 days in advanced of the course start date.