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Double sided diamond stones

Double sided diamond stones

A precision double sided credit card size diamond stone.
Comes in 3 options all double-sided.

Extra coarse 180 grit and coarse 300 grit
Fine 600 grit and coarse 300 grit
Extra fine 1000 grit and fine 600 grit

These are thick enough not to bend but also thin enough to easily sharped small router bits. They can be taken in a toolbox or backpack and we have even sharpened large tools including axes, plane blades and large chefs knives on them.

Guaranteed for five years when used with the lapping fluid.
Diamond sharpens up to 98% quicker than conventional methods.
Monocrystalline diamonds bonded by electrolyses process to a precision ground pre-plated nickel carbon steel base.
Continuous diamond surface prevents diamond and nickel lift, gives more effective anti-corrosion & prevents 'snagging' on smaller tooling.
Ideal for fluted, shaped & small router bits, carbide or HSS, turning tools, chisels, plane blades, carving tools & all general tooling.
Ideal for small tools.
Users include Rolls Royce & British Aerospace

Diamond lapping fluid has been developed to be used with these stones so they work at optimum efficiency. Do not use water with diamond stones as rust can form, degrading the stone over time. These stones can be used to flatten wet water stones and it is okay if they get wet, but with any diamond stone, they must be dried fully before putting away.

This bottle has an ingenious lid that clicks up and lets only a drop out at a time, just tap onto the stone. Use sparingly this bottle will last a very long time, as it is not necessary to flood the stone with lapping fluid.

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