Sean Hellman
Woodwright, Artist and Craftsman


A range of strops to be used with a polishing compound.
The flat strop is over 45mm wide and has a 11.5 inches 290mm, length of veg tanned leather sourced from Bakers and Sons tannery in Colyton Devon.This is the ideal strop to use with, knives, axes, chisels and many other woodworking tools.
The round strops are made from wooden dowels and leather splits sourced from various UK locations. Round strops are used to polish the inside curves of hook knives, adzes and gouges. They are up to 11.5 inches or 290mm long.
The smallest is 10mm.
13/14mm diameter, the most common size we make and is supplied in our strop and slip set.
18mm diameter
24mm diameter
28mm diameter
30mm diameter.
We can also make almost any size,The strops are also available wholesale, contact us for prices.

Do you need some polishing compound? We prefer to use a solid compound that is used in the metal finishing industry. This pink compound is hard and will last you many years. Categorised as a final finish polishing compound there is only one compound that is finer, but is double the price. After doing several years of tests we could not really tell of any difference between them, and we use this pink compound on the final stropped edges to all the tools we make and sell as well as our everyday workshop tools. The weight is around the 140 gram mark upwards.

£4.00 - £16.00 + delivery

Delivery: This item can be delivered to the UK and Internationally.

  • UK: £4.00    Europe: £5.00    International: £9.00

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