Shaving horse


Shaving horses with spoon vices. Made from oak.

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The Easy Rider shaving horse, designed by Sean Hellman. This fully adjustable horse has an adjustable seat and platform so that any size person can comfortable and efficiently use it. Made from douglas fir or other hardwood, an insect-resistant and outdoor version can be made from oak or chestnut. These are made for adults but can be used by children as well by adjusting the platform , seat and other parts. If you specifically want to be able to use it with children please let us know, we will add another pivot hole and make the slot for the lever post longer.

Designed for making small items on, they are also great for larger timber and we have shaved 6 foot 5 inch diameter posts in them

The Easy Rider can be upgraded with a spoon vice. This can only be done as the shaving horse is made.
The pictures also show a shaving horse made with sliding tapered dovetail legs, please ask for a quote if you wish to order one.

We can make these in larger quantities please email for bulk discount

Please note delivery is at cost and can cost from £50 UK to £120 or more international. Please get a quote before ordering.

PLEASE NOTE SHIPPING WILL BE CHARGED WHEN THE HORSE HAS BEEN MADE AND PACKAGED. We will charge delivery via a PayPal invoice when we know the exact weight and location.

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Oak, Softwood, oak with spoon vice, Softwood with spoon vice, oak tapered dovetail legs & spoon vice


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