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A modified axe

Been rather busy of late, but I thought I would share this great axe which has been modified by a friend of mine, Sherwood Keogh who splits a lot of wood and makes a lot of fencing, gates and lath.
Any guesses as to why it has been modified in such a way?  The answer in a few days.

2 thoughts on “A modified axe

  1. Sherwood! everyone loves sherwood, he was showing off his metal handled froe the other day in the shire. God knows what he's done to that poor axe! just kidding well i know i have sharpened axes a bit like that for hollowing spoons so the heel cuts symmetrically when chopping into bowls. That said the bottom side of this axe looks more rounded than sharp??? what on earth is he up to then?

  2. Slitting bark prior to peeling?

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