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Another Duck

I was not entirely happy with the last duck I made. To me it looks that it is in 2 parts; the head and body and then the wings and tail. This abrupt change, the diagonal line is not right, and if you see ducks taking off or even pictures and models of them, then duck 1 is a poor representation. Not being happy is often the artists’ or craftspersons’ way. It is what drives us forward to experiment.
I know that these birds are stylised representations but I would like to present a slightly better representational depiction of them. My main aim is to capture the essence of the creature, to bring it to life somehow. To me I am a long way off and I may never reach it. You may or may not agree, but this is how I see my work.

I made another one, which took me twice as long. If you have made fan birds or know how they are made then you will see why. I think this one is a little better, but will have to have another few goes. Anyway, this is an interesting process and some different tool techniques are coming into being.

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2 thoughts on “Another Duck

  1. How about giving them a blunter beak – quite a feature of a duck, maybe the breast should be a bit fatter? Looks good though.

  2. since you believe your a long way off….if i can suggest….no offense….more defintion between the head and neck….the top of the head looks like a duck but the under side is more like a hummingbird than a duck. they have a very skinny neck to their heads…a defined place between them. i've never carved a fan bird, but have the duck shape etched into my mind from years of duck hunting. still looks very nice….

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