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Bodgers Ball 2011

The Bodgers Ball 2011 at Brockhampton was hard work this year, even though Dan came with me. Not only did we provide the two person cross-cut challenge, but I also gave a talk on saw sharpening, and demonstrated making fan birds. I judged the team log to leg race with Stuart King and also entered the half hour challenge. Dan took part in the singles log to leg race and came in at 8th place. In a couple of years I am sure he will be up there in the top three. Time flew by and I hardly had a chance to see other stalls and chat to everyone I wanted to.

 The two people racing here (photo above) are Matt Jarvis and Rich Swift who came in second to these guys below. I have to say I did not approve of my saw being used as an axe. The log should have been strapped down properly to the saw horse.

I promised everyone that I would put all the saw sharpening links, I have found onto my blog. Here they are:-

These will give you all the information you need, for sharpening all sort of saws, happy reading.

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  1. Sean – Modesty does become you, but I think we (I) should point out that not only did you enter the half hour challenge but you also won it! Entirely deserved,



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