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Dogs, a really useful way of holding wood.

The bowl horse I have is for smaller rather than larger bowls. So I had to find a way of holding a bowl blank. This is a half log of birch which is going to be a dough bowl for making my bread in.
I dug out my dogs, these are often used for glueing up boards, and because of the shape of the points, they pull the boards the 2 board together. Large ones, up to a couple of feet long, are used for holding tree trunks in place whilst they are being sawed or hewed.
These dogs are about 3 to 4 inches long and are perfect for holding the bowl blank in place on my saw horse. Once banged in they do not move at all, and are easily knocked out when the work on the blank is finished.

If you ever come across some, buy them, they are really useful for all sorts of projects. Not sure what Milo makes of them!