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Weird trees

Remarkable things happen in the natural world. One such thing was that while looking at a chestnut tree, its first branch had beech leeves on it. The trunk was chestnut, the leaves are beech, my brain hurt with these facts, this was impossible. I explored a bit more, all the branches above had chestnut leaves on, so what on earth was going on. I walked around the tree and behold a beech tree growing right behind and a branch of this beech tree was going right through the middle of this chestnut tree. No way, how could this happen?

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Twenty years later I revisited the tree, and here are the photos. You will notice that the branch has died but not that long ago, maybe up to 5 years.

Front veiw

Back view

Whole tree

It is a shame I did not take a photograph when I first saw it, I moved away from the area soon after. I do at least have proof that this can happen, but how did it happen in the first place?

I have seen similar things with yew trees, their roots especially can grow and fuse together. Then again the yew is one of the most amazing of trees in my world, they live for 1000`s of years. They rot out in the trunk and then send down aerial roots.

If anyone has any weird and wonderful tree photos send them to me and I may post them on this blog. Email