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Plant sticks

Great fun to do, and you can just let your imagination run wild. These are painted with milk paint and gold leaf. I thought I would make some for my Mums birthday after seeing them on various Swedish web sites.

Click on the images to make bigger.

7 thoughts on “Plant sticks

  1. Very fancy – ash?

  2. That looks like way too much work for something you're going to stick in the ground. They sure would make beautiful walking sticks.

  3. Steve, these are for indoor plant pots, not for the outside. Richard, chestnut.

  4. Great idea, looks nice! 🙂 I should do these with my students…

  5. Sean, I just wondered what websites the pics are from as they would really help girl I know with her GCSE art project. Thanks Vicky

  6. Sorry Vicky, I forgot to bookmark them and cannot remember what they are called or even what search terms I used. Here is one I do have bookmarked

  7. Thanks Sean, I'll have a look and see what I can find.

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