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Harking back to a traditional ancient design, the carvings’ evokes both the sleek outlines and rugged nature of Dartmoor Ponies in the wild.
These wooden Dartmoor Ponies are carved using only hand tools, and sustainably sourced timber, from Dartmoor, or the surrounding Devon county.

The wood is split from the log and cut into shape. An axe and knife is used to carve the ponies with the natural split surface, axe and knife marks still visible to evoke the natural ruggedness, strength and resilience of the Dartmoor pony.

Some retain the natural colour of the wood, after only a light oil and wax finish. Others are stained using natural ingredients, including plant dyes, micaceous haematite from Dartmoor, and cider vinegar – made with local apples!

The black ponies are ebonised through a chemical reaction of acid with iron and the wood itself. Micaceous haematite collected from rocks in south Dartmoor when mixed with a vinegar solution and applied to woods high in tannin such as oak turn the wood black.

Because each pony is made from natural materials and is hand carved each one is unique.

These ponies are 15 cm long 8cm high and come as a pair. Made from Dartmoor Oak.

Additional information

Weight 320 g
Dimensions 250 × 150 × 50 mm


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