Carvers stock knife

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Carvers Stock knife

The carving stock knife is a scaled down version of the massive and intimidating cloggers knife, blocking knife or even the peg maker’s knife. We have designed this knife to be user friendly to fulfil a number of purposes.

We originally wanted a stock knife to replace an axe when making spoons. Some people find an axe unwieldy and potentially dangerous. This carver’s stock knife excels at carving away the wood that is not a spoon and unlike its bigger brother it is designed to make tight concave cuts, for example, the shoulder of spoons. The cloggers and pegging knives have the bevel on the outside, the side facing away from you. Our carving stock knife has the bevel on the side facing you which makes the knife ideal for carving and tight concave cuts. If you are left handed then let us know and we will supply a left hand version. If righthanded and you want to work only on convex surfaces such as the outside of bowls and cups then it is best to use the left-handed version with the flat side towards you. Yes I know it sounds that I am trying to sell more tools to you, but if in doubt and you are right handed buy only a right handed version, the difference is only really noticeable when doing production work.

This knife has the advantage of leverage and can be used on seasoned hardwoods. I carve my Dartmoor ponies with it removing wood that would make my hands ache if I used a knife, as well as reducing carving time. I often use seasoned or nearly season woods for the ponies.
They have many other uses, I rough out the bodies of my fan birds with them, the onside of small bowls and cups. The possible uses are endless and I am sure that you will come up with new uses for this carving stock knife.

Made from O1 tool steel it is easy to sharpen but strong enough to cope with the forces from its long handle levering through the wood. This is not a brute force tool and do not try taking off large slices of wood with all your body weight on the handle, as with most tools take thinner slices and save the strain on your arm and body.
We offer 2 versions a heavier and a lighter duty knife the former is made from 8mm thick steel and the latter from 6mm thick steel.

They have a blade length of 14cm and 18cm, these are handmade tools and unlike the drawknives they are hand cut rather than cut from larger sheets using a water jet cutter. Each tool is unique.

Because of the thickness of the materials used there is a small mount of flex in the tools especially with heavier cuts. This is normal and rest assured these have been in development for years and tested by various craftspeople who gave us valuable feedback. If anything breaks, we will replace.

The overall length of the metal part of the knife is around 36 and 32 cm this includes the tang. With the handle fitted they are about 45 to 60cm long.

The handles are up to 27 to 30cm long and on the lighter weight versions can be as short as 20 cm long

Blade only is £ 105 and £95

Blade and handle £135 and £125

Complete kit ready to use is £185 and £175

Eyes with spring £15 each

Wooden base with pre drilled holes £30

Cutting platform £8. You may want to make your own to suit the products you make or your carving style. This item is a consumable and will need to be replaced, especially if you do production work.

Orders may take up to 2 to 4 weeks to be despatched depending on stock levels and the shows we attend. Sometimes tools will need to be made to order.

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8mm thick stock knife complete kit, 6mm thick stock knife complete kit, 8mm blade only, 6mm blade only, 8mm blade and handle, 6mm blade and handle, Eyes with springs, cutting platform, Wooden base

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  1. Anne Clauser (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this. I live in an apartment (in Wisconsin) and this allows me to do more carving because it can, as stated, take the place of the axe for prepping spoon blanks from billets. And for working on all kinds of other carving projects. Right after it arrived I took it to a kuksa class and offered it for folks to try. I would not be surprised if you got a few orders from that event. The instructor was impressed as well.
    It is so well made, substantial, well thought out, and really a great tool for the cost. Thank you so much, Sean!

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