Large Drawknife


Large drawknife

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This large drawknife is a tool for shaving wood, both flat planing cuts and concave cuts. This drawknife has been designed and made by Sean from scratch, each part is bespoke and hand made. This is the largest drawknife in the range at the moment and is suitable for most green and seasoned woodworking shaving tasks.
The knife is hollow ground on the flat back so as to enable quick and easy sharpening. The primary bevel is also hollow ground with a small secondary bevel finely honed into the tool edge.
The handles are cranked outward about  105 degrees, unlike most drawknives which are at 90 degrees to the blade. The handles are also cranked downwards from the top bevel side. This means the drawknife can be used flat side down, bevel up, to make long planing cuts. The drawknife sits in the hands at the perfect angle when used bevel down, flat side up to make either long planing cuts and concave cuts. This drawknife has been designed and made to be used either way up with ease and comfort.
The handles are ash, hand-turned with brass ferrules, rounded over on the end for comfortable user experience. To keep costs down the tangs of the drawknife are mortised and glued into the handle rather than with tangs that pass through the top end of the handle and mushroomed over on to a washer.
The drawknife comes with a wooden sheath that is easily removed and replaced to protect the razor sharp edge.
The blade length is 8.28 inches or 210mm long. The total length is up to 18 inches or 460mm.

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Weight 1300 g
Dimensions 450 × 250 × 100 mm


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