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Rip saw, Japanese style

The Bodgers Ball was a bit challenging for me this year. The wind. The wind would not stop, and I had to lower my stall so that it would not blow away. So I do not have much to report, but I did manage to take a few minutes of video of Roy sawing with a Japanese  rip saw. This is the only Japanese tool that I have lusted over. I made a decision years ago to mainly use only western style tools. It partly comes down to money, but also because of the tradition I work in. I have access to lots of second hand western tools and no oriental ones.
I want to make one of these saws because it is used by one person, and it is a cool looking saw. I do have an old crosscut saw lined up to repurposed. Watch this space, but it could take a long time. Lots of other money earning stuff to do in the mean time.

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