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Scrub scraper plane

I have just finished 14 paddles for a local canoe adventure company. Over the years I have made many paddles for them to their own design. I would usually use arbotechs and angle grinders to shape them. I disliking this type of electric grinding and sanding work more and more these days. So after gluing up and cutting the waste off with a bandsaw out came the scrub plane. I then go straight to the scrub scraper plane as I call it, I forget the jack and smoothing planes altogether.

One of the tools that delights me for its simplicity is the scraper plane. I love my Stanley No 80 and it works so well, and is simple to set up. I am also pleasantly surprised in just how long it stays sharp. I sharpen plane blades far more often.
The scraper plane can deal with any type of wood, knots and wild grain that other planes just cannot cope with. The reason I call it a scrub scraper plane is because just like a scrub plane I crown the edge. So looking at the blade flat on it is higher in the middle than the edges, in other words it has a curve in it.


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