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It’s here! Sharp has at last been printed and we have a lot of full boxes, so: if you would like to own a copy, click here. 

Sharp has hundreds of images in the form of photographs, plans, and diagrams and it instructs how to best sharpen edge-tools. We hope that Sharp will encourage, inform, educate and inspire and all edge tool users to improve your tools – whatever tools you might use. If a tool that you use has been omitted from the book, then the knowledge gained from reading other chapters will enable you to sharpen it effectively.

Some of you have already ordered and received your copies. The response so far has been fabulous, with excellent feedback about the quality of the book and the breadth of knowledge and detail in its pages. 

It is published by Crafty Little Press; a small, independent publishing company founded in 2017, and which I co-own with my wife, Lucy Lepchani. 

I also run my own wood craft business and have done so for over thirty years, as well as researching and writing. Sharp, and other books, are primarily sold from and from and are also on sale through a select range of outlets: small and family-owned businesses, independent bookshops, crafts education centres, and others. We do not sell through Amazon for many reasons; and for the time being we do not work with distributors – although we are likely to do so in future. In the UK, independent bookshops can order directly from us or through Nielson. 

Please contact us by email if you are interested in a wholesale order.

A word of warning: Sharp is heavy. At 1.5kg, sharpening skills do not come lightly! Seriously, though; the weight bestowed aches and pains as I carried each box from my van and into my workshop and then wrapped each box to protect it from the damp… but the main point I want to make here, is to do with postage. Postage within the UK is reasonable, and to Europe it is a little more expensive, but sending Sharp to the USA or Australia means you will pay more in shipping than for the cost of the book itself. This works both ways. I often buy books or tools from the USA and the postage is eyewatering. We are currently researching ways of reducing this cost, but due to the pandemic and fewer planes flying, shipping costs are high at this time.

However, we are sure that the information contained in Sharp is worth its weight in gold… or whatever other metal might be better sharpened through the skills and knowledge that Sharp has to offer.

Sharp, by Sean Hellman, published by Crafty Little Press. ISBN:978-09931861-7-2 is available from for £25 (or equivalent in Euros, US/Aus/Can. dollars and other currencies).

Alternatively, Sharp is on sale through Chris Pothof at for Australian customers, and at North House Folk School in the USA,

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