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Shrink pot made from birch and willow

I was inspired to make this shrink pot from the coopered pot in my last post. It was interesting playing around with a different shape. This one is oval and smaller at the bottom tapering to a large top.

The lid is fiddleback willow, cut from a solid plank. The pot is birch and the bottom is willow with an oak peg.

The pot is still in its raw state and will need a finish. I am think of painting the birch on the outside and just beeswaxing the inside and lid.

The pot is 11 cm high and 13 long and 8.5cm deep at he top, so only a small pot.

2 thoughts on “Shrink pot made from birch and willow

  1. That is lovely, Sean. The lid is wonderful and I like the chip carved exterior. Different from any other I've seen. I'd love to learn how to make these.

    Not that you need advice from me but I'd do your beeswax thing on the entire pot and let the two colours of wood contrast against each other. Were you going to have a go with a type of linseed oil paint?

  2. Have you recorded a video of this process? I'd love to watch and learn.

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