Pole lathes



Pole lathe
A softwood pole lathe made from English Douglas Fir. This the standard off the peg pole lathe with adjustable legs to suit any persons height. This model comes complete and ready to go with a bungee return spring. The pole lathe can be supplied without the bungee setup at reduced cost, but you will have to supply your own pole, unless collecting it from our workshop.
If you want more images or info please email us.
We can also make bowl lathes and pole lathes to any design and material, if you want a lathe made from oak, bespoke design, logs and hewn timber please email for a quote.
Made to order only. Discounts for quantity.

PLEASE NOTE IN. DELIVERY IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE.. We will charge delivery via a PayPal invoice when we know the exact weight and location.


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